1. Continuous Improvement

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1.0 Overall continuous improvement

Mandatory Requirements

For all sections continuous improvement includes


Continuous improvement must be made by monitoring compliance with this Code and taking action where deviations demand so.

Mandatory requirement


Where a large number of farmers have difficulties complying with parts of this Code, or where implementation leads to supply issues, this must be brought to our attention, to ensure we can put into place joint solutions.

Mandatory requirement

Continuous improvement is crucial for sustainable development. By continuous improvement, we mean that suppliers and farmers should improve their management practices over time. We recommend suppliers create an annual action plan, with the priorities and actions agreed with both Unilever and with farmers. See the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code Scheme rules for further information. The Scheme rules will only be available from November 2011.

Suppliers should consider the guidance on good practice contained in these Implementation Guides and also available locally from other sources, and implement those most appropriate for their own circumstances. Suppliers should also discuss good practices, new practices and technologies with the farmers that supply them and suggest improvements.

If there are problems complying, or if compliance with the Code leads to other problems, please let us know (through your usual Unilever contact) so that we can help.