2. Agrochemicals and Fuels

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2.0 Background

This part of the Code relates to nutrient, pest, disease and weed management and agrochemical and fuel storage. The term ‘agrochemicals’ is used to include both Crop Protection Products (CPPs) and Synthetic Fertilisers. The term ‘fertilisers’ refers to any substance, organic and inorganic, which either is applied to supply crops with nutrients; or contains nutrients in a sufficient quantity to contribute to the nutrition of crops. This includes manufactured fertilisers, manures, slurry, compost, sewage sludge, wood ash and organic fertilisers from animal products, such as bone, blood, horn or feather meal; lime and any other substance used to regulate soil acidity. Some aspects of the management of organic and mineral (e.g. rock phosphate) fertilisers are also included in this section.

Dairy Guidance

This section also covers the storage of veterinary medicines. The use, application record keeping etc. for veterinary medicines are covered under the animal welfare section of the SAC (Section 9) and this guide.

Note: The term ‘Crop Protection Product’ (CPP) includes any pesticides (insecticides, herbicides or fungicides) used on-farm, e.g. insecticide treatments for flies.

Key Issues in dairy

  • Nutrient management (storage, application and handling of manures, silage and artificial/synthetic fertilisers)
  • Safe use and storage of pesticides and veterinary medicines
  • Safe use and storage of fuels