5. Biodiversity

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5.0 Background

This section aims to provide growers and suppliers with some general principles for good biodiversity management on and around farmland, and practical advice on how to achieve the standards laid out in the biodiversity section of the Code.

Profitable management of farmland in ways that are supportive of conservation usually requires knowledge of the local biodiversity issues and priorities. In many parts of the world, farmers themselves are the local experts on the local biodiversity; in other parts of the world good biodiversity management will need input and information from outside sources.

Please note that many of the other management requirements in the SAC will also have biodiversity benefits, e.g. protection of water courses from pollution, safe and reduced use of pesticides, protection of soil health etc. In turn, protecting biodiversity can have many benefits to the farmer, e.g. in natural pest control, healthy soils producing high yields. In some regions, financial grants or subsidies may be available for taking action to protect or enhance biodiversity.

Dairy Guidance

Key Issues in dairy

  • Pasture expansion and management
  • Nutrient and pest management impacts
  • Livestock disturbance of natural habitats