7. Waste

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7.0 Background

Waste is often a hidden cost on farms, and it is only when farmers understand the “true cost” of their waste that improvements are undertaken. In many cases, a small amount of training of the workforce (e.g. in waste segregation) can be very effective in reducing total waste or the cost of waste management.

Dairy Guidance

Waste on dairy farms can include non-hazardous (e.g. milk, rubbish) and hazardous (e.g. expired veterinary medicines, fallen stock and used fuels such as oil) waste. General farm waste management, including reduction and recycling strategies, are covered in the main SAC implementation guidance. PLEASE NOTE that this section does not cover manure management – this is covered in the nutrient management section of this guide.

Key Issues in dairy

  • Reducing, reusing, recycling and re-thinking waste
  • Management of hazardous waste